Travel Experts Say: Key to the Future Is to Use Technology.

The Chief Technology, Travel experts, and Operating Officer of Hotelbed, Paula Felstead, just spoke at “MarketHub Asia 2023” in Bangkok. Tech is very important in the travel business, she said. She said that tour providers and travel companies would gain a lot from using all the new technology available for travel today. These are the most important things she said:

Travel Experts Say: Tech Moves Ahead

Travel Experts Say: Key to the Future Is to Use Technology.

Felstead started by talking about how important technology is in the tourism business these days. She said that travellers count on apps like Chat GPT language robots more and more to make plans. Because of this shift in how people act, more and more travel companies and providers need to add technology to their services.

Travel Experts Say: It’s time to move to the cloud.

Felstead said something very important: tour companies and travel agents are moving towards cloud-based systems. About 40% of these workers want to move to cloud platforms in the next two years. This change shows that more business people are getting it that cloud technology is useful.

Tech as a Way to Make Things Better

Felstead says technology is more than just a tool; it’s also a way to get things done. This is very true when it comes to making it safer and easier to move. Using technology, people who work in travel can give their clients and business partners more useful information. The trip will be easier and more fun with this. This also helps people see the tour company or travel agent as a real partner who can add value.

Travel Experts Say: Getting to know customers and partners better

Felstead said that technology can help travel and tour companies connect their customers and business partners better. People are more likely to book all of their travel through the same company if they use technology to make services faster and more personalised. In addition to making things better for the customer, this also makes the business an even better partner to work with.

Travel Experts Say: What Comes Next: A Tech-Driven Future

It looks like Felstead’s ideas will lead to a time when technology is an important part of the travel business, not just an extra. As the travel industry changes, it’s important for travel companies and tour operators to stay up to date on technology and use it to make sure their customers have a smooth, safe, and enjoyable trip.

In short:

Technology is now very important to the travel business. A lot of people who work in the travel business are moving to the cloud. Problems can be solved by technology that makes things safer and easy to use. Putting technologies together makes it easy to work with partners and customers, which is a big plus. A big part of the future of travel is accepting and making the most of the things that technology can do top of Form